Labrador Retriever puppies in Oregon

Breeding Arrangements for
(Qualified All-Age) Trulines Wild Son QA2, MH, WCX (Nike)

Natural Breeding Stud Fee for breeding to Trulines Wild Son QA2, MH, WCX (Nike) is $1,200 (3-10-2018). $300 is nonrefundable and due at the time of breeding. The remaining balance is due when the AKC litter registration is sent for signature. Copies of AKC registration, pedigree, Hip OFA or Penn Hip, Eye clearance within 24 months of breeding, and negative Brucellosis test within two months of breeding are required prior to breeding. Two to three ties will be attempted. Stud fee will be reduced to $300/pup if less than four pups result in a litter. If no pups result in the breeding, stud fee is $300.

I recommend working with your veterinarian regarding progesterone testing for optimum time for breeding. This is usually day 11 through 14. All local veterinary costs are the responsibility of the owner. No costs will be incurred without permission unless it is an emergency. There are no boarding charges for the first 7 days. Starting day 8, boarding charge is $25 per day.

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