Labrador Retriever puppies in Oregon

Merganser's Ferris Bueller MH, WC

                        NAFC-FC Trumarc's Zip Code (B)
                FC-AFC Rebel Ridge Cody's Mischief (B)
                        FC-AFC Ms. Mischief's Magic Marker (B)
        FC-AFC Carolina's Smoke On The Water (B) (70 Derby Points)
                        FC-AFC Sky Watch Radar (B)
                FC-AFC Carolina's Liquid Smoke (B)
                        FC-AFC Moon's Carolina Cajun (B)
Merganser's Ferris Bueller MH, WC (C)
                        FC-AFC Wilderness Harley To Go (B)
                FC-AFC Watermark's The Boss (B)
                        FC Tank 'Em By Surprise (B)
        FC Highpoints Troublesome Sugar (B) (40 Derby Points)
                        CFC-CAFC Pachanga Magnum Force (C)
                FC-AFC Gator Pt's Sweet Potato Pie (C)
                        Gator Pt's Roc N' Moon Pie (C)

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Dianne and Alex Morley
PO Box 369
Creswell, Oregon 97426
Located south of Eugene, Oregon
(541) 953-8980
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