Merganser's Hacker MH, WC, CGC

  • Hacker, age 8. March 2008.
  • Merganser's Hacker MH, WC, CGC - Master National Finalist - Thomasville, Georgia - November 2003
  • Merganser's Hacker MH, WC, CGC, age 7, (2nd from left) with daughter Merganser's Ruby, son Merganser's Yellow Jersey (Floyd), and son Merganser's Live Strong (Lance). Hacker's pups are 15 months old. Their dam is Abbigail owned by Daniel and Amy Beck. August 2007.
  • Hacker and Dianne enjoying a successful day pheasant hunting in southwestern North Dakota October 2002 (Photograph by Kurt Gruber)
  • Hacker age 2
  • Hacker age 2
  • Hacker age 2
  • Hacker age 4 months
  • Hacker age 2
  • Hacker, age 3 - March 30, 2003
  • Hacker's 10 month old daughter, CCR Hacker's Delta Star is owned by Terry Nunn, Culver City, CA. Dam is Dustatan Seven One Delta MH. Breeder is Jim Fulks, Eugene, Oregon
  • Amy Beck hunting with her six month old Hacker daughters, Foxy and Roxy, October 2006. (Merganser's Hacker MH, WC, CGC X Warden Abbigail)
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